Technique doesn't have to be boring...

Learning scales and arpeggios on the piano is similar to drills for sports like hockey and tennis. They are the foundation skills. Once they are learned, they stay for life. They are your SUPERPOWER!

Drills are best done with a coach. They provide motivation and extra tips.

What if you could have a coach whenever you wanted?

Now you can 🎹

Meet The Coaches

Hi, I’m Sue Gould

I am passionate about everything piano! Classically trained and versatile in jazz and pop music. I love bringing my passion to the stage and teaching studio.

I look forward to sharing music time at the piano bench with you!

Hi, I’m Linda Gould

My friends called me Linderace when I was growing up because I loved to play boogie woogie as well as classical piano.

I have been teaching, performing and arranging for decades.

I hope you enjoy this course and creating your own musical voice!

Here's what you'll need for the best experience

  • keyboard or piano
  • pencil
  • laptop, or...
  • iPad or iPhone. You will need to download the Teachable App
  • Tech Ten Journal (printed and placed in a binder)

How does it work?

  • Start with a GOAL

  • Add a PLAN with small steps

  • Add a REWARD and SUPPORT

... and you have SUCCESS!

Hello Parents!

This short video will give you an idea of who we are and what how we coach during a practice session.

Piano Drills = Excellence and Power

  • Piano Drills are push-ups for the piano.

  • Piano Drills are more motivating with a coach.

Technique Myths

Tech Myth #1: If you practice scales, your piano technique will improve.

Scales and technical exercises are an opportunity to improve, ONLY if you are clear on what practice skills and physical movement you do when practicing them. 


Tech Myth #2: All you need to do is push down the right notes.

If you are just ‘learning the notes’ of the exercise and aren’t isolating the right movements, your skills may get WORSE because you are repeating and reinforcing poor habits.


Tech Myth #3: "I'll remember what the teacher demonstrated in the lesson when I get home", thinks every student.

Good piano technique is complex at first. The great demonstration your teacher provides in your weekly lesson needs to been seen many times for it to become part of your piano technique. Seeing it demonstrated once a week isn't ideal. Seeing it demonstrated every day, is!

Sue and Linda Gould

...are award winning pianists, They have been performing and teaching music for over 40 years (each) and they have both taken ALL the RCM exams!

They hold Bachelors of Music with Distinction in Piano Performance from the University of Victoria. Together and separately they have travelled extensively performing in communities large and small. They can be found performing with a variety of ensembles including the Music Mosaic piano trio, the Selkirk Trio, Fearing Gould duo, Paulson Gould duo, the Dragonfly Sisters duo, and just about any other group who calls them up!

Sue is also the Music Director and conductor of the Purcell Mountain Orchestra and Linda is author of the 4 volume chording course, Play Piano Chords Today.

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