Why Piano Chords?


Like most piano teachers, I started teaching the way I was taught... classically.

I changed to teaching with piano chords over 25 years ago and my students are more musically rounded, achieve their musical goals, play with their friends and have way more FUN. 🎵

  • Linda Gould, pianist and educator

About Play Piano Chords Today

After teaching piano for 50+ years you think it would be boring. NOT!

So much good music to play, and students can learn pieces in weeks, not months.

In this video you'll get a feeling for how the PPCT online course teaches piano chords and playing notes that aren't on the page.

Let's work together so you can teach lead sheets, piano chords and creativity to your studio

Teaching Certification Bundle

With these three courses you will have NEW musical tools to enhance your teaching studio.

  • Add adult students in the day
  • Help high school students gain confidence in jazz band
  • Teach pop and jazz with ease

Increase your own chording and classical teaching skills with the new skills and insights taught in Play Piano Chords Today.

Expand Your Studio

Teaching parents and grandparents of existing students in a fun and engaging way can be a great opportunity to expand your piano studio and create a sense of community among your students' families.

Adult learners, especially parents and grandparents, may have different goals and preferences than your younger students. They might be more interested in playing familiar songs and enjoying the creative aspect of music.

It's more fun teaching improvisation and chord charts when you are comfortable with them yourself. The Play Piano Chords Today Teacher Training course is designed so you will quickly feel comfortable teaching lead sheets.

Teaching lead sheets is more fun than teaching note reading to older students because it's creative and get's them playing pieces that sound great quickly. It's never boring teaching the same piece over and over. That piece sounds different with each student when you guide them to add in their own creativity. 🎵

Why not become a certified Play Piano Chords Today teacher?

What teachers and students say...

Linda Gould is an extraordinary musician and piano instructor. I am an adult student in my 70th decade, and a returning student to the piano having begun lessons when I was a teen. I leap-frogged into a new level of learning. She tied the “drills” to the piece seamlessly to create an easy way to learn the piece.

— Anita Fownes (student)​

I have had many students, already with familiar with the keyboard, who found that the Play Piano Chords Today course allowed an exploration of chords structure and voicing. They loved it!

Beginners are most successfully introduced to many musical concepts. They loved it too!

— Ann Schau (teacher ARCT)

Hi, I’m Linda

I am a pianist, composer, educator, mom and gramma who's passion for the last 3 decades is teaching adults to play piano with piano chords and lead sheets. I love creativity in music and helping students find their creative voice.

I wrote Play Piano Chords TODAY so any adult, young or not-so-young, could play songs in weeks not months. Sometimes even days!

The Play Piano Chords Today method was composed over the course of 10 years with the help of hundreds of adult students with wonderfully specific wants and desires. It has been a joyful journey I would love to share!

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